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Your first step starts here. Mission Control. You can find all the information here. 

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Book Tickets

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11270 Exposition Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

Los Angeles

Pick Up Time – 1:00 AM

$99 Round Trip Ticket
7301 Center Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Orange County

Pick Up Time – 12:00 AM

$109 Round Trip Ticket

Check Conditions

When are conditions best?

They make a car in every color for a reason, right? Like everything it depends on your preference. 

You might be like most people, who prefer riding on a sunny day – after a snow-dump.

Or maybe you love to ride the beautiful snow-covered, tree-lined runs during a light snowfall – which is just spectacular to witness.

We can all probably agree, avoid heavy winds if you don’t want your favorite lift to be closed.

Pro trip: If your “perfect” day is forecasted on a weekday, don’t miss out.

Find out more by clicking the link below.

Social Distance Options (single Riders only)

For our passengers, who are concerned about travel during the pandemic, but still want to enjoy Mammoth – this is for you. Only ONE rider per aisle. Limited Load Trips.

How is this trip different?

The ONLY difference between our “Social Distance” trips and our regular trips – you’ll have the aisle to yourself. 

Why is the ticket price higher?

You might be wondering why anyone would pay more to have an aisle to themselves, and if you are – book a normal ticket (they’re just fine). This option is available to you for added peace of mind. 

The limited load trips prices are higher, well, because of the limited load. 

Am I going to be on the same bus as everyone else?

Unlikely as these tickets sell out fast because of the limited quantity.  However, there are 

If that happens, you will be sectioned off at the front with priority boarding. Think First-Class and Coach on an airplane.

  • If you have a Single Rider ticket and you join a regular trip, head to the front of the line and you’ll find a line just for you.
  • You will also have the option of cancelling your ticket for a full refund if you do not want to join the regular trip.
Single-riders only

Own your aisle

Yes, you can still come with a buddy – you just have to sit apart.

$169 Round Trip Ticket


Los Angeles Pickup Time – 1:00 AM

Orange County Pickup Time – 12:00 AM

Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time. You won’t want to be late for your date with the pow-dah. Please review the check-in procedure under “trip info.”

Start your day off right, and reward yourself to a fine cup of Joe. Looney’s Beanery, located in Bishop – they’re awesome! Their amazing coffee will taste even better because it’s FREE!  Thank you for helping us support local businesses.
Breakfast items available for purchase (must be done in advance):
If you’d like something more for the workout that lies ahead, additional food items can be purchased, and must be ordered 24 hours in advance. 
This is a pitstop, the coffee and food will be ready so you won’t be late.
Click Here to Order Breakfast
  •  Budget tip: bring your own breakfast (Save even MORE)
  • Eating on the bus is not recommended (COVID-19)
  • Plenty of seating at Canyon Lodge to enjoy your meal
ETA : 8:00 AM
The red carpet awaits your arrival, just kidding – but you still deserve the royal treatment, so there’s one more added convenience for you.
You’re probably a  seasoned veteran, with so much gear you could sell it all on e-bay and buy a used car, but if you need to borrow some gear, have it delivered to meet you at the bus when you arrive – at prices lower than you’ll find at the resorts – (sorry Mammoth)!
Fill out Rental Form –  Black Tie Rentals
ETA :  04:00 PM
Red carpets await for your arrival, just kidding – but you still deserve the royal treatment, so there’s one more convenience for you.
You’re probably a  seasoned veteran, with so much gear you could sell it all on e-bay, and buy a used car, but if you like many us
ETA :  10:00 PM
And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to enjoy a full day skiing at California’s best resort. Enjoying a day experience nature’s beauty, or improving your carving game, has never been this easy, simple, and affordable.

Trip Info

Information about your ski trip.

Check-in Procedure

Please review the check-in procedure below.

Los Angeles Pickup Time – 1:00 AM

Orange County Pickup Time – 12:00 AM


Canyon Lodge Pickup Time – 4:00 PM (Return Trip)

Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure times. 


Once at the pick-up location we will start by checking in your bags and gear. Please join the line and remember to keep at least 6 feet of distance.


Also, please have your mask on. We recommend you tag all your stowed luggage – just like you would on a flight. Bag tags will be provided, please put your first name and last initials, and a phone number if you’d like. Here is a sample.



  • Take the items you need with you. You will not have access to your checked luggage during the day.
  • Keep your valuables in a bag with you during the ride.
  • Once the bus stops at Canyon lodge, you can secure your items in the cargo hold.
  • Items will be locked up for the day until everyone returns.
Along with contact tracing, temperature checks are one of our COVID protocols. After your bags are checked, the driver will check your temperature. While you wait, please have your ticket ready.
Drive Time – around 5-6 hours (great time to get some much needed rest)
That’s it! You’re on under way. 

What to Bring

The items you bring, or forget to bring can change the experience. Here’s a friendly reminder about what we recommend you bring.

Code of Conduct

First, there are no rules. You are coming to Mammoth to enjoy – that’s what we want. However, we ask that you also consider your fellow passengers. Please review our expectations for this trip and if you have any questions, contact the office.

Wear a Mask

You already know about this one. It’s strictly enforced at  the Mammoth Mountain resort and no different on our bus rides. Make sure that you have on your mask the entire ride.

Keep Noise Down (While others are sleeping)

The time on the road to Mammoth can be quite enjoyable because you’re not driving. For most passengers this is a great time get plenty of sleep and ensure a great time on the mountain. 

If you don’t care for sleep, that’s fine. But please allow others to do so. Be sure to bring headphones if you’d like to stay up and watch movies or play music. 

Don't Be Late

Imagine that you just finished your day riding and you can’t wait to get home – it’s been a long one. But the bus isn’t moving and you’re sitting there wondering why. The final passengers walk in and explain they needed an 45 minutes to finish their drinks.

Don’t be that person. Please make sure that you show for pick ups on time. We will make attempts to contact you, and if there isn’t an answer we’ll have to assume that you won’t be joining us for the last leg of the trip.

If you have an emergency and are running a bit late,  please be sure to let the office or driver know IN ADVANCE, and have your phone so we can contact you.

This is important because we will not be liable to arrange transportation if you are late and stranded. But don’t worry, this has yet to happen to anyone and we will make several attempts to reach out before it does.

Enjoy Community

If you don’t already know, the community in Mammoth Mountain is AMAZING. Our trips are a great opportunity to meet fellow riders to explore the mountain with. We hope that you make the most of this amazing opportunity and have fun!

Something to report during the trip? Send us a TEXT us at 213-432-1114.

Weekday Trip

Ahhh… the perfect day of riding is like aloha – can have two completely different meanings, but just sounds beautiful.

Why the weekend trips?

It’s really simple. Like our founder Will likes to say,

“Riding in Mammoth is like trading in the stock market – you NEVER want to miss out on the best days.”

How does it work?

If you chase the best riding conditions, tell us more about your “perfect” day below.

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